Services and Programs

Recycling guides and information about waste reduction and educational programming are available by contacting or visiting the Transfer Station.

Beer and Pop Returnables Accepted and proceeds donated to BI Community School.

Dumpsters are now available for contractor use.

Beaver Island Transfer Station Recycling Information

Please keep recyclables separated and place them in labeled boxes.

There is no charge for this service


• Cans and foil accepted, reasonably clean

Aerosol Cans

• Accepted

Batteries, Household

• Small dry-cell, cell phones, rechargeable, button cell, lithium, lithium ion, NiMH, NiCad, Accepted

Beer and Pop Returnables

• Accepted and proceeds donated to BI Community School


• All types of cardboard accepted -- clean and dry


• No paint, nails and glue free


• Bottles and jars all colors, rinsed clean, accepted
• Window Glass NOT Accepted

Motor Oil and Household Batteries

• Accepted


• Books, catalogs, junk mail, magazines, newspaper, pet food bags, shredded paper in plastic bags tied shut, and wrapping paper are accepted


• All numbered plastic are accepted, rinsed clean. Plastic bags,bubble wrap, shrink wrap, chip bags, 5 gallon buckets (reasonably clean) and toys (metal removed).
• PVC Vinyl NOT Recyclable


• Tied in plastic bags of any color are accepted.
• Styrofoam peanuts NOT Accepted


• Tin cans, meal jar lids, rinsed clean, wire hangers accepted